• Sustainability targets

    Lately we have been hearing a lot about climate change and the harmful effects that human activity has on the environment. It is the responsibility of all, companies and individuals, to be active play

  • Sustainability: listerias and dangers

    Sustainability is much more than recycling and minimizing waste. A sustainable business project will always pursue excellence, and will be able to endure over time with the aim of creating value. To a

  • Safer than yesterday and less than tomorrow

    When we buy food, we do not consider whether it is safe or not, we take it for granted. For this to happen, in the food industries we work constantly to improve the food safety...

  • Organic products, from niche to mainstream

    2 billion Euros is the commercialization volume of organic products in 2018 in Spain. It is double what it was just 5 years ago and it is expected to grow at double digit in the...

  • The future of food (III): Population and eating habits

    Since the dawn of time human beings have eaten. Besides being one of our basic needs, it is also one of the greatest pleasures of life for many people. Traditionally, our closest environment was our..

  • The future of food (II): Technology

    01Technology is significantly changing the way we live and transforming how we shop, cook and eat. Access to the Internet and social networks has also had an impact on the relationship between consume

  • The future of protein according to Sant Dalmai

    In the year 2050 it is estimated that there will be more than 9.5 billion people on the planet. This implies a demographic increase of 30% compared to the current 7.3 billion. Food production systems.

  • New Image

    At the beginning of 2018 in Sant Dalmai we started a process to merge the three production companies in the group: Sant Dalmai, Quelac and Iberjam with the aim to take advantage of synergies and...

  • Combining productivity with sustainability is possible in the food industry

    In the eyes of a part of society and as a result, in many cases, of misinformation, it is often the perception that industries in general, and therefore also the food industry, has little care...

  • Success story – Food hygiene / Let’s Co (Sant Dalmai, SAU + UAB + Itram Higiene)

    “What is essential is invisible to the eye” (A. de Saint-Exupéry) and so is cleaning in the food industry today. It is a key process carried out, usually at night, by highly specialized h

  • An allergen-free factory: less is more

    One of the key objectives of 21st century companies is that the products or services they offer are valued by their customers. Value increases by incorporating elements that add up, but also by elimin

  • Let’s Co: The B2B innovation in Sant Dalmai

    In such a dynamic world as the one we live in, innovation is essential to differentiate from others and capture the consumer’s attention. The big food brands are constantly making new launches a