Certified Quality

Quality, security and transparency are key pillars in Sant Dalmai. Our client’s trust is essential
and with this aim we renew each year all certifications for our products.



We obtained our IFS (International Featured Standard) certificate in 2004 and since then we have renovated it annually always obtaining the highest qualification.

No allergens

We are aware of the importance food has on our health. We were pioneers in gluten free products and in 2006, we started a project to completely eliminate the main allergens from our factory.


ELS Certified

In 2014, we were the first meat processing company in Spain to get the certificate “controlled by FACE” from the Spanish Celiac Associations Federation. This 2019, this certificate disappears and in Sant Dalmai S.A.U, maintaining our compromise with producing non-gluten products, we have obtained the ELS certification. Voluntarily, we keep maintaining the control auditions that allow us to ensure that all the produced products from Sant Dalmai, S.A.U contain <20ppm of gluten.

Belonging to PACIC

We actively participate with the PACIC (Self-Control Plan of Meat Industry). This is a voluntary self-control plan where additional controls are incorporated to those already carried out along the meat chain.



In 2012 we adaptaded our processes in order to make sure that all of our poultry products would be Halal. Every year the M.S.C.A. ” audits and certifies that Sant Dalmai manufactures its Halal products according to Islamic laws.


Since 2016 we voluntarily comply with the additional requirement of SAE (Sistema d’Autocontrols Especifics) which regulates exports of animal based food products to countries outside of the EU.


In our internal lab we undertake microbiological, physicochemical and sensorial analysis as described in the analytical plan of the company. This protocol ensures the quality and safety of all our products.