Sant Dalmai

Since 1964 Sant Dalmai is synonymous of quality, know-how and proximity. We believe in the task of the professional butcher and we focus on offering the best products for a deli counter. In our oppinion, nothing is comparable to the taste of a slice of ham just recently cut.



Bocatel was born to offer an answer, both in meat and dairy products, to the demands of the ever-growing foodservice sector. Bars, restaurants and caterings often require products which offer agility and flexibility without giving up quality. Bocatel’s range of products include cheeses, also grated and sliced, and cooked meat products ideal for any type of foodservice. You can find more information at



Definetely our most emblematic brand. For the past 50 years, Libra has been guarantee for quality and uniqueness and our “Pernil al Horno” is today an iconic ham chosen by many artisan butchers.



Vallesur is the taste of the most traditional Spanish cheese. It is manufacturaded traditionally by cheese artisans from the region of Castile. After the appropriate months of curations, Vallesur cheeses offer a unique flavour enjoyed by all.

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Don Raimundo

Don Raimundo is guarantee of quality in the world of cured ham and Duroc. Control of the curation process is key to achieve, thanks to the regularity of the product, the recognition of Don Raimundo as a leading brand in the cured ham market.

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Other brands

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Certified Quality

We meet the highest quality standards certified by IFS, FACE, SAE

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